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Blogging Challenge Week 1 : Let’s introduce ourselves


Miss W. has posted the first week’s challenge.  Some of you have already made an introduction but it would be great to have the rest of you jump in. If there are visitors to our class blog and they randomly click on some names, they may hit people who haven’t posted and think there is nothing here to see so they will move on.

What do we need to do this week?

  1. Create an avatar. Since we are using iPads we will need to find the best way to do this with our iOS devices. Here are some suggestions.

    PICKAYOO – This is a free avatar creation app for both male and female simple style avatars. Here is my example. 


Montouchable – This is a free app that creates just an avatar head; male and female options are available.



Portrait Shop Cute -free app for both male and female avatars. There is also a Portrait Shop Animal version if you prefer. Here is a male avatar from this app.




Avatar Maker: Selfie – This is a free app for male or female avatars.  There are many variations of this app.




You can write a post to explain your avatar or just add it as an image widget on your sidebar.

2.  A second aspect of this week’s challenge is to create an About Me page.  A “page” will be accessible on another tab of your blog and it will be static, unlike a post that will gradually move down the page as more posts are added. We can talk more about this and how to create an About Me page. Look at the top of our class blog page.  Do you see “About Us” at the top? That’s a different location than where the posts are appearing.

Have fun and remember to reach out to me if you need help.

Mrs. R.


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