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Writing to Learn – Learning to Lead

September 24, 2017
by cougars2018
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Preparing to leave our mark

Ms. G and Mrs. R are beginning a journey with our eighth grade students. This is a journey that will allow us to interact not only with each other but with students and teachers across the globe. We can share our thoughts, our hopes, our questions, and our dreams. As we make global connections we can learn about and celebrate our differences while growing in our understanding of all that we have in common.

We are excited to begin our blogging journey with the Edublog Student Blogging Challenge in October. This challenge has been taking place twice a year since 2008 and thousands of students and teachers have taken part. Miss W. from Tasmania has moderated the challenge and devoted much energy to helping students make connections as they grow as writers. ┬áIt is an opportunity not only to connect with other classes but also to grow in our knowledge of digital citizenship as we move toward digital leadership. Pernille Ripp, originator of the Global Read Aloud, had an excellent post a few years back , Why Students Should Blog – My Top 10, about why she felt it was important for students to have the opportunity to blog. We also believe in this opportunity.

In her famous TED talk in 2011, Adora Svitak, speaking to an adult audience said, “You must lend an ear today, because we are the leaders of tomorrow.” Adora wanted to get her writing published. She wanted to be heard. With a real world audience our students can come to the realization that what they think and say does matter, and they have much to contribute to the world. Adora Svitak says, “Writing is the mark you leave on the world.” Students, get ready to leave your mark!


Header Image: Watercolour by Prawny via Pixabay under CC0 Public Domain
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